Cordae has a right to believe that his peak is greatness.

It is so obvious that Cordae studies the greats. His music oozes similar vibes that the hip-hop legends’ music oozes. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that Cordae’s last project didn’t hit like we were all expecting it to. To get the bad tastes out of our mouths, the Maryland rapper decided to release the stirring “Multi-Platinum.”


Yes, “Multi-Platinum” is a boring song. It features a sluggish beat and ho-hum rap deliveries. The best thing about it is that it tells the tale of an up-and-coming rapper that is lacking the competitive fire and support that is needed to succeed in the hip-hop game. If I were to guess, Cordae is sending subs at himself.

Cordae’s next couple of releases are crucial.

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