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Listen To “Hanging On By A Thread” By Hellrazor

Hanging On By A Thread


Intense and captivating melodies with forceful vocals in a heavy-metal album.

Hellrazor is a heavy-metal band that recently released a new album titled Hanging On By A Thread. In the 11-track project, you get powerful melodies with loud distorted guitars and forceful vocals.

Starting out with extremely intense and energetic songs, from the middle to the end, the album becomes more melancholic and sorrowful. The melodies grow slower and the lyrics seem to be more intimate. They talk about different topics, from love to family, with some good references to other rock bands. For instance, in “The Boy You Once Knew,” the lyrics quote the famous Guns’ N Roses with Sweet Child O’ Mine.

With great storytelling and energetic beats through using an exploratory heavy-metal style, Hellrazor manages to deliver a very good album.

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