Wiz Khalifa experiments with a bunch of different sounds in “Multiverse.”




5. Bad Ass Bitches

This is a Wiz Khalifa track that has a chance to stick!

At one point, Wiz Khalifa was automatic when it came to making club bangers. I mean, s**t, I can’t tell you how many times I have drunkenly sung “Black & Yellow” in a club. With that being said, these last couple of years, Wiz has really focused a lot of his time on proving to the world that he is a solid MC. In “Bad Ass Bitches,” he returns to his club roots.

“Bad Ass Bitches” is an ultimate club banger. In the song, you get a bouncy beat, a catchy sample, and complements ratchet women will love. The s**t literally triggers my PTSD from passing out at house parties from drinking too much jungle juice.

Where’s the mediocre b**tches? Those are the ones that will take bottom-shelf liquor shots with you.



4. Keys

Wiz Khalifa dabbles in drill in “Keys.”

He sounds really good over a drill beat, too. Sometimes drill rappers do too much in their songs; in “Keys,” Wiz sounds perfectly laidback as he hurls out his tough-guy, heartbreak, and boasty bars. Is this the first drill track that sounds better when you listen to it high as a kite?

If you add Quavo and Takeoff to this joint, it would be a certified hit.


3. We’re Not Even

I stood up and applauded after listening to “We’re Not Even.”

“We’re Not Even” isn’t my favorite song on this album, but I can tell you that it is the most special song on this album. The passionate hook Wiz lays down is excellent, the dramatic trap beat that he does work over is amazing, the rap flows that he relies on are stupendous, and his lyrics are refreshingly vulnerable. This is just a complete track in every way.

Stop acting like you don’t like pop tart Wiz.



2. Iced Out Necklace

Holy s**t, who drank Wiz Khalifa’s apple juice?

You get Wiz Khalifa on rabies in “Iced Out Necklace.” Over a beat that will definitely f**k up a weak speaker system, Wiz drops bars about having more money, better-looking women, and stronger drinks than all of us. What’s significant about the song is that he raps with a level of heinousness that makes it seem like he was one of the people Biden sanctioned recently (I would be mad as hell if I was sanctioned, too).



1. Memory Lane

Appropriately, you get a classic Wiz performance in “Memory Lane.”

I really like this track. It features a Blxst-like hook that I think is outstanding, a breezy Hitmaka beat, and lyrical content that humanizes Wiz just a little (In the song, he talks about ignoring the bad times and embracing the good times in a relationship). All in all, this is a summertime jam that is very easy on the ears.

I f**k with commercial R&B Wiz a lot. Like, what he was able to do on songs like “Roll Up” is what I love.


1. Big Daddy Wiz (3/5)

2. MVP (3/5)

3. Memory Lane (5/5)

4. 1000 Women (4/5)

5. Like You (Groove 3) (3.5/5)

6. Something Real (3.5/5)

7. High Maintenance (4/5)

8. Bad Ass Bitches (3.5/5)

9. Iced Out Necklace (4/5)

10. Keys (4/5)

11. We Don’t Go Out To Nightclubs Anymore/Candlelight Girl (2/5)

12. We’re Not Even (4/5)

13. Homies (4/5)

14. Mirror Love (Groove 2) (2.5/5)

15. Goyard Bags (2.5/5)

16. Nobody Knows (3.5/5)

17. Thank Him (4/5)

TOTAL: 60/85 = 70%




I am going to stop saying that I want Kush & Orange Juice Wiz Khalifa back. It makes no sense to expect him to channel a version of himself from over 15 years ago. S**t, if y’all wanted the old me, you would have to put up with fifth-grade level writing. In Multiverse, Wiz Khalifa shows growth as a musician, a Christian (I am assuming), a father, and a human.

As I stated in the first paragraph, Wiz Khalifa does quite a bit of experimenting on this album. Throughout Multiverse, he dabbles in funk, R&B, alternative hip-hop, drill, and gospel sounds. Though he doesn’t sound like a natural in 90% of the genres, you can’t knock his effort or fearlessness when it comes to diving into serendipity. At the end of the day, I do think the content that Wiz blesses us with is what makes this project a great listen. Yes, he has his records about hoes and s**t, but he also has his records about the friends he lost, his relationship with GOD, and his romantic relationships. Honestly, if Wiz did a little less singing, dropped fewer long-ass openings, turned down his autotune machine just a tad, and didn’t think he was some 70s ladies’ man, I think I would rock with this album even more.

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