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Buddy shines in his sophomore album.

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Superghetto (Album)


Buddy shines in his sophomore album (This post includes the deluxe version of the album).

If I wasn’t so cot damn busy, I would’ve done a full review of this album. In my humble opinion, Buddy is one of the most slept-on/talented musicians in the hip-hop game today. While I f**k with his previous album a lot, this one might just be even better.


Do you know what I like about Buddy? He never sways too far away from his California roots in his music. Throughout Superghetto, in the process of merging a myriad of sounds together, Buddy plugs in lyrics that highlight the relationship ordeals, the pro-black thoughts, and the everyday struggles that black Californians like himself go through. What’s interesting is that he displays several different moods in the album, also proving to people that folks around his way should not be put in boxes. Overall, I think the album is quite the rollercoaster ride.

The deluxe version of Superghetto features four more songs: “Or Something,” “Long Day (Pussy Crazy),” “Broad Day,” and “Hoochie Mama (Ft. Tyga).”

Superghetto is a breath of fresh air.

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