So With That & Unacceptable


Cordae said he wants to do better after his last album didn’t receive great reviews online.

You can want something so bad that you start pressing; I think that is what’s going on with Cordae right now. While I don’t think that his last project was bad, I do think that it is forgettable. The good news is this: Cordae is young and has a bright future ahead of him. This weekend, the DMV rapper decided to release a two-pack Shakur that I think is pretty solid.


Cordae is an open book in this two-pack. In “So With That,” he touches on being with someone that is able to put up with his shaky decision-making, while in “Unacceptable,” he opens up about his fractured mental and how he copes with stress. Both songs feature exquisite raps, a splash of soulfulness, and melodies to die for.

I think this is the lane that Cordae needs to stay in.