See You Again

Ivan B

A hip-hop track with heart and soul.

Northern California-based artist, Ivan Paniagua (Also known as Ivan B), is an independent rapper and singer whose journey first began during his freshman year of high school. Eventually, his career took off after he released his debut album, Forgive Me For My Honesty. In his music, B creates tunes that provide “meaningful experiences for himself and his fans.” He has reached more than 20 million plays and has an active fanbase on various platforms. One of Ivan B’s recent drops is the hip-hop single, “See You Again.”

Dreamy, summery backdrops of feel-good instrumentals make this song a hot-weather hit and an emotional reflection. “See You Again” is all about the love that a person can feel for someone else just from the first look. Lyrics like “With my heart on my sleeve ’cause I know what I want, yeah. And what I want is, I wanna get to know ya” and “Everything that you said, was it all pretend?” reminisce on that special someone the artist can’t get out of his head. It’s all about falling in love at first sight and the aftermath which comes with it. These heartfelt moments force us to explore our own feelings of longing and heartache when it comes to love. So, press play on Ivan B’s “See You Again” to learn what it’s like to be left without the promise of seeing them again.