Run From The Devil

Justin Clancy

An alt-pop and rock tune that reminds us of our humanity.

The Massachusetts-based musical creative, Justin Clancy, is an artist who sees music as an opportunity. In Clancy’s case, this is to create something bigger than himself. As a result of his hard work, the artist has become a quickly-rising star in Boston’s music scene. Clancy’s music is “deeply personal, genre-blending, and unique.” His alternative pop/hip-hop sound takes influence from artists like Radiohead, Stevie Wonder, Frank Ocean, Mac Miller, and BROCKHAMPTON. Justin Clancy’s latest drop is the EP Broken Parts, which features the track “Run From The Devil.” The song is additionally accompanied by an official music video.

Instead of an R&B-heavy hit, “Run From The Devil” is pop-rock to the max. It’s the kind of song that would play as a “greatest hit” on any radio station. It’s wild and explosive, and the video reflects those qualities exactly. However, the most important thing might be Clancy’s approach. Lyrics like “I told my baby I’ll be back when I’m better. I been gone tryna shoot my devils down” and “Ain’t no such thing as an innocent soul. You can’t run from the devil, can’t run from the devil. And he called my name” are delivered with a dose of attitude. There’s every reason to believe that the devil might have gotten hands on Clancy in the end, but in the meantime, the track is fun. It provides passion, enjoyment at the risk of possible sin, and encompasses the human experience. So, press play on Justin Clancy’s “Run From The Devil” and prepare to run yourself.

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