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Runnitback & 4KPHIL Burn “Calories”

RunnitBack Loves Burning "Calories"


RunnitBack & 4KPHIL

A rap song that blends trap and jazz.

RunnitBack is a rising producer out of Upstate New York. With his rise, he’s used unique sample chops and choices to elevate the genres of rap and hip hop. His earliest song uploaded is his debut hit, “lostitbutifoundtheway.” He’s also uploaded many more, such as “Hip Hop is Dead,” “Ridin 187,” and “1921.” All of RunnitBack’s music is available on Spotify, Youtube, and SoundCloud. Recently, he teamed up with rapper 4KPHIL for his latest single, “Calories.”

“Calories” will inspire you to keep going and never give up. I feel the inspiration as the song starts off with a loop of godly, opera singing that slowly melts into the rhythmic, catchy rap beat. As 4KPHIL slides in, he starts rapping about burning “calories” from running away from the drama, toxic women, and life challenges. To me, the lyrics tie in nicely to the beat. The message, however, is a bit more clear than the genre fusion going on. This song is the push everyone needs to get through those hard days. So, listen to RunnitBack’s “Calories” if every day is a grind for you.

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