An enchanting pop single that delivers bliss.

Well-recognized American musical creative, Bazzi, is a singer, songwriter, and record producer who crafts music specifically for his listeners. The artist has created viral hits like “Alone” and Beautiful,” both of which have earned him millions of streams. However, Bazzi’s 2017 track, “Mine,” proved to be his breakthrough creation and, to date, has amassed more than 1.7 billion streams. His work has been praised by various publications such as Playboy, which compliment the artist’s “genre-bending…warts-and-all approach to songwriting.” Bazzi’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. His latest drop is the pop single, “Heaven.” The song also has an official video.

Easygoing, yet melodic beats create “Heaven” and provide the idea of the afterlife with an infectious and uplifting soundscape. This song is all about the love Bazzi carries for someone else, and how angelic and heavenly that person is in his eyes. However, there’s an element of doom involved; there are also moments where the lover may be too far gone to join him in eternal love. Lyrics like “Beautiful soul, you’re out of control” and “Watchin’ you move and dance, it feels like Heaven” are delivered with plenty of passion. At the same time, they’re sad and full of longing for something that might not happen. In bringing plenty of ear-pleasing elements to his newest single, Bazzi’s tune will leave you feeling euphoric. So, press play on Bazzi’s “Heaven” to soar up to the clouds.