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David Michael Frank Is The “Only One”

david michael frank only one

Only One

David Michael Frank

Energetic beats with sentimental lyrics in a pop song.

David Michael Frank is a singer and songwriter who has been dominating TikTok and YouTube. Apart from creating original songs, he also shares inventive covers and creative videos. Frank started his music career over 10 years ago, playing in local bands in Seattle. Recently, he changed his stage name from “Future Sunset” to David Michael Frank, representing a new moment in his career. Now, he lives in LA and is pursuing his solo music career. In an interview, Frank shared that he dreams of performing in venues such as MSG, The Gorge, and Red Rocks. His work is available on Spotify, YouTube, TikTok, and his own website. David Michael Frank’s latest hit is the pop song, “Only One.” The song also has an accompanying music video.

“Only One” is already a success among Frank’s fanbase. With strong drums, the song has an energetic and upbeat vibe with catchy, sentimental lyrics. The verses are all about not wanting to give up on a relationship because it’s not over yet. Lyrics like “You’re not the only one / who thinks there’s something here worth saving / We’re not done / We’ve got lifе to live, but we’re both tirеd of waiting” show a vulnerable side. He proves that he’s intent on saving his relationship. While the song feels a little cliche, maybe it’s because this is something that almost everyone has gone through. So, stream David Michael Frank’s “Only One” to remember who the only one for you is.

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