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townsend Is Nostalgic About Being “yours”



An indie single about heartbreak.

Nashville-based musical creative, townsend, is also known as John Townsend. He is a songwriter, producer, and musician who uses his previous loves to make music. Some of townsend’s work includes well-received tracks like “In My Blood,” “Didn’t Happen,” and “Responsible.” Regarding his new release, townsend said, “I wrote and produced this over the course of a few months while I was trying to get past someone.” He added, “It’s more of an internal letter to them and how I’m making the decision to finally move on.” All of townsend’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest drop is the indie pop single, “yours.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

With a beautifully uplifting backdrop of melodic beats and folksy guitar strums, “yours” is raw. It loves the past while trying to focus on the future. Lyrics like “I don’t feel like myself, I woke up dreaming when you told me you found someone else” and “If only nostalgia wasn’t threaded all around ya, maybe I could tear this stitch right out” vulnerably explore these feelings. At the same time, the pain of heartbreak and saying goodbye to that special someone are prominent messages. townsend gives us a seriously powerful vocal performance that will stick with you long after the last note. So press play on townsend’s “yours” to learn what it’s like to no longer have someone of your own.

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