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Giveon and Drake are a pretty good tandem.

I think Giveon has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard. That s**t has so much bass in it that I am sure he ate a banjo when he was a young kid. With that being said, Giveon sounds really good on songs that call for raw emotions. “Time,” a track that serves as the lead single for the upcoming Amsterdam movie, calls for raw emotions.

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Supposedly, Drake helped co-write “Time.” That’s surprising because I don’t hear a single element in the song that gives me Drake vibes. Maybe Giveon is just that good of a writer. Anywho, “Time” is deeper than the Ime Udoka saga. The song features a starry instrumental that never fully gets started, a vocal performance by Giveon in which he stresses his words quite a bit, and lyrical content that hella reflective. I don’t think this song will get burn at your local club; it will get burn at speakeasys and Vanderpump’s restaurant.

Drake probably provided Giveon with the pen to write “Time,” and that qualified as co-writing (SMH).