Linda Debella Will Never “Come Clean”

An indie pop tune that reminisces on the struggles of love.

Come Clean

Linda Debella

An indie pop tune that reminisces on the struggles of love.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Linda Debella, is a rising artist who can do about fifty different things. She writes, records, and produces her own work, blending classic and contemporary elements. Additionally, she is passionate about exploring important current issues such as political topics, gun violence, and imperialism. “It’s my belief that people are looking to be moved by music, both sonically and lyrically,” the artist said. Her music is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, and her own website. Linda Debella’s “Come Clean” is one of 12 tracks featured on her new album Bend to the Light. The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

“Come Clean” is all about doing exactly that: it’s coming clean about why someone doesn’t think her lover is right for her. Lyrics like “I think I’d miss you if I never met you, You’re a wild world I never wanna leave” and “I never wished you to be my savior, But you’re cool water all over my skin” explore the ups and downs that comes with these romantic feelings. Additionally, there are satisfying retro vibes to make this beautifully nostalgic. However, the song is a reminder not to get too wrapped up in how you feel if someone isn’t right for you. So, press play to hear all the reasons why Linda Debella will never “Come Clean.”


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