Gorgeous (with Reo Cragun)

Daniel Allan

A fusion track with heartfelt moments.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Daniel Allan, is a producer, artist, and DJ. With a long-standing love for music, Allan has been making his own tunes since the age of 14. His passion for the craft first began after his dad gave him his first Beatles CD. Later, when the Louisville, Kentucky native was 22, he dropped everything and moved to LA. This was in order to pursue his musical dreams, and it turned out well for him. Some of Allan’s inspirations are Odesza, Flume, and Kanye West. All of his work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and his own website. Recently, Daniel Allan released the electronic single “Gorgeous,” which features Reo Cragun. The song also has an accompanying official video.

With an immersive backdrop of hazy, yet uplifting beats, “Gorgeous” offers a stunning genre-fusion soundscape. This soundscape reflects the love of life and how important it is to have someone in your corner. Lyrics like “Back then you showed love, memories of you close up, I would hit you when I need somethin’ that came in the clutch” and “My life’s in chaos right now but it’s still gorgeous, but I’d give it all up to be yours again” reminisce on the emotional wreckage of an old romance. However, this romance doesn’t seem to work out for the artist. By weaving together various elements of electronica, chillwave, and alternative pop, Daniel Allan gifts us with an innovative and atmospheric experience. So, stream Daniel Allan’s “Gorgeous” to learn how to become gorgeous on your own terms.

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