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Listen To “I’m Forreal This Time” By Tey Boogie

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I’m Forreal This Time (Album)

Tey Boogie

Tey Boogie proves that he’s a top-notch rapper, an introspective individual, and the ultimate competitor in “I’m Forreal This Time.”

I truly believe that some rappers were put on this earth to pick up a mic; Tey Boogie is one of those rappers. In my humble opinion, the beats that he does his work over indicate that he has a good ear for music, the flows that he raps with indicate that his rap mechanics are on point, and his lyrical content indicates that his confidence is through the roof. While Tey has always been a great rapper, I actually think that he takes things up a notch in I’m Forreal This Time.

Production-wise, the beats on I’m Forreal This Time fall directly in line with the kind of beats that the greats rap over. They are soulful but hit hard enough to make you nod your head violently. All of the beats on the album motivate Tey to be just as aggressive as exact. I give the beats on this album an A.

This album features no one, and I respect that a lot. What that tells me is that Tey is fully comfortable entertaining listeners with all of the tools that he has within.

I think Tey Boogie’s performances on this album are fantastic. So many of his verses in I’m Forreal This Time are wise, well-thought-out, deep, and true to who he is. In a world where relatable music is winning by a landslide, Tey doubles down on giving it to us on this album.

What would I change about this album? Two things: I wish it was a little longer and had a few more melodic moments. I think a few songs on this album could’ve benefitted from a good ole Drake melody. With that being said, the beats add all the soul you need.

What is the main reason you should press play on this album? It feels so f**king pure. Literally every bar Tey delivers feels organic, hard-hitting, and masterful. If you are a fan of the J. Coles, Big Seans, and Rockie Freshs of the world, I think this album is up your alley.



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