An alternative tune with indie beats.

US-based musical creative, daddi, is an indie singer and songwriter who loves being creative about life. According to the artist, all of their music is “based on true life events and emotions.” Likewise, daddi’s work always strives to be 100% genuine to remain authentic. By providing plenty of distinctive and memorable elements, they become an emotional artist who connects with everyone. Some of their previous work includes tracks like “BIGGER,” “Not Your Angel,” and “B****.” All of their work is available on Spotify and Apple Music. daddi’s latest drop is the alternative single, “Laced.”

This backdrop is moody and atmospheric. With its insane beats, “Laced” sets up a chilling, somber tone that makes things dangerous. At the same time, it’s clear that daddi isn’t backing down from danger. Lyrics like “Think I picked my poison, You’re my new prescription, With the right dosage, I could get addicted” and “Let’s not over think it, If I’m what you want I can help you get your fix in” are gorgeously delivered with captivating vocals. However, the dreamy elements are presented with wicked intentions and dark senses. There’s no safety in beauty when it’s “Laced” with danger. This song gifts us with an addictive tale that will spark every imagination. So, press play on daddi’s “Laced” to learn how your life might be laced with the same danger that you’re trying to avoid.

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