Rahn Harper Wants To "Forget About It"

Forget About It

Rahn Harper

This rap-pop hit is anything but forgettable.

Wisconsin-based musician, rapper, singer, and songwriter, Rahn Harper, taps into his personal experiences to create raw and catchy music. With his vulnerabilities, Harper knows how to touch fans of all backgrounds. This rising star dropped his debut single, “Slide Thru,” featuring Von Alexander, in 2016. From there, he released a couple of singles and dropped his debut album Letting Go (2018). The musician continued to release music throughout the years, including another album, Why Wait Until Tomorrow, in 2021. His discography is entirely available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Rahn Harper released his most recent single, “Forget About It,” earlier this year.

“Forget About It” has an energetic, infectious sound that, even on your worst day, will make you feel like you deserve some good in your life. The song has a bubbly pop melody that heavily relies on a flute-driven/hard trap beat. Over it, Harper raps about not stressing over your past mistakes and focusing on positivity; a message we all need to hear every once in a while. You’ll love how the artist shines a light on self-love by inspiring listeners to celebrate their hard work. You’ll also love how he mentions the importance of living your best life. So, stream Rahn Harper’s “Forget About It” to forget about the negativity and enjoy the good moments.

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