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Felicia Lu

A pop single that reminds us of the importance of moving on.

Vienna, Austria-based musical creative, Felicia Lu, is also known as Felicia Lu Kürbiß. Lu is an underground indie artist who loves everything about what she does. With a serious passion for her music, the German-born artist works full-time as a singer and songwriter. As a result, Lu devotes the majority of her time towards creating new songs. Outside of her creative pursuits, Lu is a dog lover, occasionally a cat lover as well, and has heterochromia. This is a condition that makes the iris multicolored, and it makes her unique as well as interesting. Some of the artist’s previous work includes tracks like “Anxiety,” “Wish You Well,” and “Losing Streak.” These are available on Spotify, YouTube, and her own website. Felicia Lu’s latest drop is the pop single, “Band-Aid.”

A beautiful backdrop of instantly immersive and catchy beats makes “Band-Aid” hypnotic. This song sets up the perfect complementary tone to create an emotional reflection. Lyrics like “Some things you can not go back to, No matter how hard you try, Once broken, you can’t undo” and “What you broke apart in me, I know with time I’m gonna be alright” reminisce on the finality of a breakup. At the same time, they remind us of the importance of pushing through pain and keeping ourselves up. Of course, that gives this hit its triumphant senses. It is a relatable look at passing relationships and healing wounds. So, stream Felicia Lu to rip off the “Band-Aid” of love.

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