Quavo & Takeoff carry on Migos’ legacy with “Only Built For Infinity Links.”




5. Us vs. Them (Ft. Gucci Mane)

Quavo, Takeoff, and Gucci Mane sound battle-tested in “Us vs. Them.”

“Us vs. Them” sounds like the kind of track that a boxer would come out to. The song features a menacing beat, competitive/ferocious rap deliveries, and lyrics that validate Quavo, Takeoff, and Gucci Mane’s ability to pull other men’s women, to stunt their asses off, and to intimidate. This track is meant for the trio’s opps.



4. Nothing Changed

Oh, something has changed: Offset is no longer apart of the group…

The only word that perfectly describes this song is ‘flawless.’ “Nothing Changed” features a flawless Quavo hook, a flawless emotional, bass booming beat, flawless Migos-Esque flows, and flawless lyrics that indicate that both rappers are down to stunt on us just as much as they are down to shoot us in the face. Quavo and Takeoff are definitely in their bag here.

3. Bars Into Captions

Migos-1 meets Outkast in “Bars Into Captions.”

“So Fresh and So Clean” by Outkast is easily one of the smoothest, most pimpadocios tracks of all time. In it, Big Boi and Andre 3000 both showcase a level of swag that folks simply weren’t used to in the early 2000s. In “Bars Into Captions,” a song that flips “So Fresh and So Clean,” Migos also swag their way to the finish line. All in all, if you are a fan of certified trappers, playas, and shooters switching gears effortlessly over smooth, classic Southern beats that thump, this is the song for you.


2. To The Bone (Ft. NBA YoungBoy)

Maybe NBA YoungBoy could replace Offset?

In all seriousness, I absolutely love it when NBA YoungBoy collaborates with Migos. Their styles complement each other really well. With that being said, I f**k with “To The Bone” a lot. In the song, you get a beat with a nice bop and sophisticated vibes. Over it, Quavo, NBA YoungBoy, and Takeoff bless us with raps that are slick as hell and big on business. They also switch between dynamic flows and potent melodies. All in all, “To The Bone” is a certified banger.



1. HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew)

Can someone do me a favor and explain what ‘Unc and Phew’ means?

“HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew)” is powered by this psychedelic trap beat that I absolutely love. I enjoy how Quavo and Takeoff ride the beat like a mechanical bull that they both reign over and are on the verge of falling off of. As for lyrically, they flex nonstop, proving that you can’t let people like them get money. Overall, “HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew)” is probably the only track on this album that fully moved the needle for me.


1. Two Infinity Links (4/5)

2. Tony Starks (3.5/5)

3. HOTEL LOBBY (Unc & Phew) (4/5)

4. Bars Into Captions (4/5)

5. See Bout It (4/5)

6. To The Bone (Ft. NBA YoungBoy) (4/5)

7. Not Out (3.5/5)

8. Chocolate (Ft. Young Thug & Gunna) (4/5)

9. 2.30 (3/5)

10. Look@this (3.5/5)

11. Mixy (4/5)

12. Messy (4/5)

13. Nothing Changed (4/5)

14. Integration (2/5)

15. Big Stunna (4/5)

16. Us vs. Them (Ft. Gucci Mane) (4/5)

17. Hell Yeah (3/5)

18. Tools (4/5)




Quavo and Takeoff refuse to let Migos die. Them deciding to release Only Built For Infinity Links indicates to me that they probably think that the trio should’ve already released ten Cultures by now. Unfortunately, Only Built For Infinity Links isn’t quite a Culture-sounding album.

Production: Only Built For Infinity Links features the exact kind of beats I expected the album to have: Trap beats that you could cook make-believe crack to. Only like they could, Migos ride the beats like pros, switching gears flow-wise and incorporating infectious melodies when necessary.

Guest Appearances: I don’t know if Quavo and Takeoff did this on purpose, but this album features a bunch of Atlanta legends. Gucci Mane, Summer Walker, Gunna, and Young Thug all make appearances on Only Built For Infinity Links. I thought the latter two’s verse on “Chocolate” was so good, they should be freed from jail for dropping it. Kudos must also go to NBA YoungBoy for his solid verse on “To The Bone,” and to Birdman for his vintage verse on “Big Stunna.”

The Performances: Quavo and Takeoff haven’t changed one bit. The former still does a good job of hitting us with catchy hooks and too-cool-for-school verses, while the latter still does a good job of hitting us with verses that pack many punches. Here’s the unfortunate thing, though: I feel like I have Quavo and Takeoff fatigue. There weren’t many times on this album in which I felt like I heard something new out of the two rappers; s**t just kind of felt like the same old same old. Because of this, I’m not going to lie, it was a bit of a struggle making it through this whole album. When you were as dominant as Migos once were, it’s absolutely understandable to have a sound that is a bit overused.

The biggest thing I would change: Honestly, I just wish everything hit a little harder. I wish the content hit a little harder, the beats hit a little harder, the melodies hit a little harder, and the deliveries hit a little harder. I don’t think Quavo and Takeoff sold us short, I just feel like the album is missing the pizazz that Migos’ albums usually have.

The biggest reason you should listen to this album: It might be the closest thing that we get to a new Migos album for a while…

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