Ally Ahern Is On "My Posters"

My Posters

Ally Ahern

A cheeky indie pop song that’s fun and flirtatious.

Ally Ahern is a mellow-dramatic singer-songwriter with an unparalleled sense of humor. As a result of her intuition, Ahern’s music is like an open diary detailing her life experiences. She has a fun and unique approach to her artistry: she creates music that’s energetic but also gives you life lessons. Along with making her own music, Ahern has also written for other artists like Kylie Minogue and Tove Stryke. Clearly, she’s skilled in the field. One of her greatest previous works is the pop hit, “LONELY ASS B*TCH.” All of her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Ally Ahern’s latest single is “My Posters,” where she gets real blunt about the type of love she wants. The song also has an accompanying visualizer.

As she should, Ahern is confident and sure of what it is she wants on “My Posters.” She holds no punches and lets her listeners know that she wants the dream boat guy who hangs on her bedroom walls. Lyrics like “Oh no no, I don’t want no puppy love” and “Let’s not make a big deal out of it” tell us she’s keeping this romance all casual, at least externally. This is a fun and light-hearted song that still has a cute edginess to it thanks to Ahern’s delivery. Her voice is seductive and darling, showing both sides of her personality. It’s a song that puts you in the mood to go out and be as flirtatious as ever. If Ally Ahern can do it, then so can you! So, stream Ally Ahern’s “My Posters” to know what an exciting fling feels like.

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