on the side

Sunsetto (Ft. Calabasas)

An alternative single that is infectious.

Toronto, Canada-based musical creative, Sunsetto, is also known as Kyle Mischiek. Sunsetto is a singer, songwriter, and producer who crafts stunning tunes. With plenty of passion for his music, the artist’s unique sound blurs genres for “a nocturnal mosaic of R&B, alternative, and pop.” Likewise, Sunsetto combines powerful vocals with hazy elements and immersive beats for an out-of-the-ordinary listening experience. All of his work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Sunsetto’s latest drop is the alternative single “on the side,” which features Los Angeles duo Calabasas. Unforgettable visuals also accompany this new work.

A vibrant backdrop of feel-good, dance-ready beats makes “on the side” an intriguing and unique genre fusion soundscape. It nicely complements its wistful romantic reflection. Lyrics like “If you find somebody new, Keep me on the side, I don’t mind, I’ll still slide” and “I don’t gotta be yours, You don’t gotta be mine, Yeah you don’t gotta lie, I know you got needs” lightheartedly explore ideas of love and possession. At the same time, it remains in tune with everyone’s emotions by presenting a sadder side. With its bright blend of electro elements and expressive lyrics, Sunsetto and Calabasas gift us a gem that will have you grooving along in no time. So, press play on Sunsetto’s “on the side” to learn what it’s like to be on the side.