Don’t Lay It All On Me


An enchanting R&B track that will soothe your soul.

Swedish musical creative, Janice, is also known as Janice Kavander. Janice is a singer and songwriter who crafts award-winning songs nine times out of ten. She released her debut album, Fallin Up, in 2018. This was soon followed up by the EP I Don’t Know A Thing About Love. Janice’s clear talent hasn’t gone unnoticed. In 2018, she received a Grammy nomination for ‘Best New Artist.’ She’s also performed for Swedish award shows and was cast in an international Netflix Original Series. All of Janice’s work is available on Spotify, YouTube, SoundCloud, and her own website. Her latest drop is the R&B single, “Don’t Lay It All On Me.”

The soft yet stunning piano notes in “Don’t Lay It All On Me” offers up an ethereal soundscape. As a result, it’s perfect for its soulful content. Lyrics like “I just can’t understand you, I’ve done nothing else but to care” and “Tell me what more can I do, I need time and space cause I’ve had enough, Don’t you put the blame on me” are beautifully delivered with captivating vocals. With its gorgeous instrumentals and ultra-sweet tone, Janice’s new single will instantly soothe your soul. So, press play and let the vibrant sound of Janice’s “Don’t Lay It All On Me” warm your heart.

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