Sempre Em Frente

The Michael Lauren Trio

A fun and funky mood-boosting jazz tune.

Portugal-based musical creative, Michael Lauren, is a jazz drummer who crafts serious and powerful music for a living. Due to his long-running passion, the artist has been playing the drums for more than sixty-four years. During his career, Lauren has performed with jazz artists like Benny Golson, Tom Harrell, and Bob Stewart. Additionally, he’s worked with icons like Chuck Berry, Charles Brown, and Darlene Love. Michael has also performed with pop stars like Paul Anka and Tom Jones. His group, The Michael Lauren Trio, creates tunes that are “a powerful and sophisticated mix of hard swinging, rocking, and funky jazz.” Their work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. The Michael Lauren Trio’s song, “Sempre Em Frente,” is one of the tracks off their latest album. The new hit also has accompanying visuals.

Starting out with an infectious, feel-good blend of instrumentals, “Sempre Em Frente” offers up plenty of good vibes. At the same time, it gives off a captivating soundscape that feels like an instant ray of sunshine. With its ear-pleasing mixture of vibrant beats, this genre fusion track instantly immerses you in its world with its funky elements and uplifting moments. Finishing out at around seven and a half minutes, “Sempte Em Frente” definitely doesn’t skimp on quantity or quality, proving that you can get a lengthy listen that is both spirited and stylish. It produces itself as a high-energy hit that still is available for low and slow emotional moments. So, press play and give yourself the perfect mini escape with the Michael Laurens Trio’s “Sempre Em Frente.”


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