Kid Travis Claims “i live with a ghost”

A hauntingly good pop single about lost love.

i live with a ghost

Kid Travis

A hauntingly good pop single about lost love.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based musical creative, Kid Travis, is a singer, songwriter, and producer who always seems to have an idea up his sleeve. With a love for all kinds of music, the artist doesn’t limit himself to one particular genre; instead, he incorporates a wide variety of styles into his work. Since beginning his musical journey, Kid Travis has built up an impressive following with more than 150 million streams on Spotify. Additionally, he has over 480k subscribers on YouTube. Travis’ major hits include “Take From Me,” “Let Me In,” and “Calling Back.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Kid Travis’s most recent drop is the pop single, “i live with a ghost.”

Infectious, vibrant, and crazy all blend to make this story believable. “i live with a ghost” is a mood-boosting, R&B-injected alt-pop soundscape that takes a haunting opinion on lost love. Lyrics like “Darling, I wish we never had to be enemies / Girl, I think I need your company” and “I stay up in the nighttime listening to sad songs by The Strokes / I put into all your phone calls, just like an adult, but I live with a ghost” reminisce on feeling tormented by an ex-lover. At the same time, it talks about the desire to be happy again, but the heartbreak is too much to overcome. Clearly, there’s no way to win here. Between the awe-inspiring production and chilling vocals, Kid Travis’s new single is perfect for anyone looking to jam out to sadness. So, press play and let the energetic sounds of Kid Travis’s “i live with a ghost” elevate your spirit.

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