Calling Back

Kid Travis

Kid Travis reminds us to pick ourselves off the ground in this song.

Kid Travis is a singer, songwriter, and producer that is well known for his covers. He caught the attention of artists such as Post Malone, Bryson Tiller, and Dominic Fike with his unique takes on their songs. In the past, we’ve reviewed some of Travis’ other hits, including “Where You’re From,” “7Teen,” and “Galaxy.” His full discography is available on Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube. Travis’ recent release is “Calling Back,” a song that has gained traction fast.

“Calling Back” is a song about a breakup in which one partner moves on faster than the other; Kid Travis sings from the point of view of the person who hasn’t moved on yet. Within the lyrics, he openly realizes that his partner was not treating him right. Ultimately, Travis comes to the conclusion that he is better off without his ex-boo, and I appreciate that message (It’s not only a relatable message, but it’s also an unfortunate realization that everyone comes to at one point or another). Overall, Travis created an infectious song with good insight into what love could be (Or not be). So, stream Kid Travis’s “Calling Back” today to learn why you shouldn’t.