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NLE Choppa Sounds Cold As Hell In “Ice Spice”

Ice Spice

NLE Choppa

Nah, this song sounds nothing like “Munch.”

Are y’all paying attention to what NLE Choppa has been doing musically as of late? This year, in particular, I feel like he’s done a fantastic job of experimenting with a bunch of different sounds. After releasing the fire-ass “Do It Again” a month ago, NLE has returned to the music scene with the grungy “Ice Spice.”

I feel like it is patriotic to have a crush on Ice Spice. There’s something about her curly red hair that makes men go crazy (Am I right?). Anywho, in “Ice Spice,” NLE Choppa doesn’t spend much time rapping about the “Munch” rapper; instead, he spends a good chunk of his time rapping about his heavy chains, purple weed, and lit trap house. What catches my attention about the song is that it features relentless flows, a scary-ass beat, and a hook that is pretty catchy. This s**t might legit make Ice Spice rethink who she calls a munch.

Give “Ice Spice” a shot below.

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