Zodiac Killer

Wes Denzel

A hip-hop single that pays homage to Tyrese.

Texas-based musical creative, Wes Denzel, is an emerging rapper, songwriter, and producer. In 2019, Denzel released the EP, Every Summer, and in late 2020, I Was Almost Happy. These projects, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. According to Denzel, his new tune, “Zodiac Killer,” is “a Hip-Hop ode to Tyrese’s R&B classic Signs of Love Making.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

Sin, soul, and groove describe this hit perfectly. “Zodiac Killer” offers itself up as a stylish twist on an old tale. Denzel manages to remain original while paying tribute to a much older song. Lyrics like “Thought she was an Aries / Found out she was a Scorpio” and “The moon and stars, look how we reflected / Is this for a bond, or to keep your heart protected?” reflect on finding love by using zodiac signs. All in all, “Zodiac Killer” is an astrology song that many who study the stars would love to hear. So, press play on Wes Denzel’s “Zodiac Killer” to discover which zodiac you might be best suited for (Romantically, of course).

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