Soul Child

Yung Bleu (Ft. Lil Wayne)

Yung Bleu’s forthcoming album, “Tantra,” will hit streaming services this weekend.

Yung Bleu is building quite the resume. Not only has he dropped a couple of successful singles in the past couple of years, but I also think that his last album, Moon Boy, is damn good. On Friday, Bleu will add to his resume by releasing a new album called Tantra. The latest single from the project is “Soul Child” with Lil Wayne.

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In “Soul Child,” both Yung Bleu and Lil Wayne talk their s**t. Over production that boasts strong R&B vibes, the two rappers speak on their career accomplishments, expensive vacations, and street-certified moves. While every word that comes out of Bleu’s mouth sounds personal as hell, Lil Wayne comes across more so as cold and swagtastic.

Give “Soul Child” by Yung Bleu and Lil Wayne a shot below.