WizKid flirts with seductive vibes in “More Love, Less Ego.”




Honorable Mention. Special

I very hesitantly added “Special” to this list.

Even though “Special” features a beat that never fully blooms, the song still feels very satisfying. In it, Don Toliver and WizKid use both soulful and sly vocals to let their respective women know that their bodies are driving them crazier than Kanye. While some may view the song as abnormal, I enjoy it for its tempo and pure rawness.



5. Deep

In “Deep,” WizKid practically says f**k Netflix & Chill, he’s trying to get straight to the action!

“Deep” is silky smooth, candid, and old-school romantic. Over a beat with a helluva tempo and sensual vibes that would make body parts percolate, WizKid keeps it real about wanting to do some super freaky things to his woman. What I love about the song is that it features a spellbinding hook and lyrics that every dude who meets a woman after taking a few shots of Casamigos can relate to.



4. Money & Love

Add ‘food’ to the title and I would be sold.

“Money & Love” is one very slick track. In it, WizKid hits us with delicate vocals over a jazzy instrumental that has its moments in which it sounds riveting as hell. Once you understand the song’s rhythm, you will find the hook catchy as hell and Wiz’s performance hella sly.

3. Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)

WizKid saves his most touching performance for the end of the album.

Personally, I love how the production that you hear in “Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)” draws you in with a sound that feels cultural, sunny, vibrant, and bouncy. I also really like how WizKid relies on a comforting vocal performance to let his woman know that he’s all in when it comes to pleasing her. All in all, “Frames (Who’s Gonna Know)” is easily the most beautiful track on this album.



2. Bad To Me

“Bad To Me” literally has everything you would want in a WizKid hit.

“Bad To Me” has a nice tempo, is catchy, is effortlessly romantic, and is hypnotizing. After listening to the track, not only will you feel upbeat, but you will also feel like you could keep up with any Igbo woman on any dance floor.



1. 2 Sugar (Ft. Ayra Starr)

WizKid might have found his Tems replacement.

I am astonished at how similar Ayra Starr and Tems sound. Matter of fact, I’m starting to believe that Tems wants two different checks, so she’s going by two different names. Anywho, Ayra puts up a fantastic performance in “2 Sugar.” Not only does she ride the invigorating afrobeat that powers the song well, but she also displays the same kind of passion and soul Tems displays in “Essence.” As for WizKid, he plays Ayra Starr’s sidekick so well, I can barely tell when his part starts and finishes.

WizKid stays getting washed by women singers. I love that.


1. Money & Love (4/5)

2. Balance (4/5)

3. Bad To Me (5/5)

4. 2 Sugar (Ft. Ayra Starr) (5/5)

5. Everyday (3.5/5)

6. Slip N Slide (Ft. Skillbeng & Shenseea) (3.5/5)

7. Deep (4/5)

8. Flower Pads (3.5/5)

9. Wow (Ft. Skepta & Naira Marley) (4/5)

10. Pressure (3.5/5)

11. Plenty Loving (3.5/5)

12. Special (Ft. Don Toliver) (4/5)

13. Frames (Who Gonna Know) (4.5/5)




Not enough people talk about how dramatically WizKid has morphed his sound. He went from your typical Afropop artist to the ultimate ladies’ man. in More Love, Less Ego, WizKid doubles down on a sound that made him a household name in bedrooms.

No one mashes R&B and Afropop better than WizKid. I just feel like he knows the exact kind of elements needed to tie the two genres together effectively. With that being said, More Love, Less Ego has a bunch of high-quality R&B/Afropop hits. With a huge emphasis on infectious melodies and romantic lyrics, WizKid finds success by frolicking through tracks sounding like the ultimate love doctor. Though I do feel like there are moments in which he forces the action a little, for the most part, he stays in a pocket that you would wish every R&B singer would enter. Is Wiz the king of R&B and Afropop?

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