Came Up

Major D-Star (Ft. Keepitstreet7)

“Came Up” tells the tale of two friends who reconnected after taking two different journeys.

Major D-Star is a hip-hop artist from Detroit, Michigan that is booming right now. After releasing his successful Prime Time album in 2021, he hit us with the very popular “What You Want” in 2022. Major D-Star is now back with a new single called “Came Up.” The song is the definition of a lively and meaningful club banger.

The backstory behind “Came Up” is what makes the song a really good listen. Major and Keepitstreet7 are day ones that jumped off the porch together. Keepitstreet7 got caught up in the streets, while Major, being in the music industry since a young age, went down south to pursue his music career. Since then, Major has come up and he and Keepitstreet7 have reconnected with music. The song boasts production by CashMoneyAP that blends slight trap vibes with these energetic and celebratory vibes. Its bouncy elements will get you to nod your head, while its gentle piano notes will strike a chord with your soul. Over the production, both Major D-Star and Keepitstreet7 do a fantastic job of delivering their raps confidently, with some grit, and with tons of passion. You can tell that their lyrics about the full 180 their relationship and lifestyles have taken really mean a lot to them. Major D-Star also hits us with a melodic hook that is extremely catchy and perfect for a celebration. It ties the song together well.

“Came Up” will hit streaming services soon. In the meantime, check out Major D-Star’s catalog by clicking HERE.