These are five albums from last week that we didn’t get to review, but we highly recommend that you give a spin.

Honorable Mention. Toosii – Boys Don’t Cry: Men Do (Deluxe)

Toosii decided to add five more tracks to his solid Boys Don’t Cry project. One of the songs he added is “City Of Love,” a deep tune in which he fearlessly enters into his emotional bag. All in all, if you have time, give this project a shot.

5. Black Eyed Peas – ELEVATION

Yes, Black Eyed Peas are still ticking after more than 20 years. In ELEVATION, the group blesses us with nothing but exciting hip-hop fusions. While listening to the album, you will hear a bunch of different genres (Hip-hop, R&B, reggae, reggaetón, and more). In other words, there isn’t a single dull moment in ELEVATION.

4. GASHI – Elevators

I really love GASHI’s style. He does a good job of mixing emotional vocals with intense trap and pop instrumentals. In ELEVATORS, GASHI turns things up a notch from an emotional standpoint. Throughout the album, he keeps it a buck about his romantic life. News flash: He truly holds nothing back. ELEVATORS is definitely an intriguing listen.

3. SoFaygo – Pink Heartz

DJ Khaled is on this album, so it has to be good, right? All jokes aside, SoFaygo is one of the young artists you should play very close attention to. He knows how to put together infectious melodies, toys with futuristic vibes just like your favorite rappers like to do, and just gets it when it comes to sounding trendy. I think Pink Heartz is a damn good listen.

2. DRAM – What Had Happend Was…

DRAM was in the news recently for saying that he wanted to catch a fade with Drake. This past weekend, he returned to the music scene with a brand new album called What Had Happened Was… In it, he comes across as his lovable, romantic, versatile, and unrestrained self. All in all, DRAM’s performances on this project are outstanding.

1. skaiwater – rave

skaiwater might be the next big thing in emo-hop. His viral hit, “miles,” showcases his moody style really well. One thing that definitely caught my attention about this album is how good of a singer skaiwater is. Folks, he’s capable of hitting some impressive notes. I also like how he mashes together a myriad of genres. skaiwater is more than a TikTok jit; he’s hella talented.