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freak show

Francisco Martin

A mesmerizing alt-pop tune.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, Francisco Martin, is a pop singer, songwriter, and producer who loves to show off his authenticity. The artist initially gained notoriety in 2020 after he appeared on Season 18 of American Idol. Since then, Martin has released a number of singles and more recently dropped his alternative six-track EP, Manic. His latest work is a “bold collection of emotionally-raw pop-rock.” This was created by the artist and his co-producer and good friend, Nick Sarpa. He doesn’t just work in music, he lives it. Some of his biggest hits include “Narcissist,” “hate you to love myself,” and “Nobody Listens To Me!” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Francisco Martin’s new EP features the song, “freak show.” Additionally, the song has an accompanying music video.

With intriguing instrumentals setting up a background beat, “freak show” offers a fantastical fusion sound. But it is all about the exact opposite of fantastic feelings: it’s about being sick of yourself. It’s the feeling of being stuck in a mental land of your own making. Lyrics like “On a merry go round again / Losing my control / An emotional wreck in my head” and “I’m so sick of / Ordinary life / I’m mercurial / Wasting all my time” intimately examines the artist’s internal angst. At the same time, it expresses ours without us really knowing how or why Martin can accurately define these feelings. With this honest and thought-provoking exploration, we are left with nothing left to our imagination (Pun intended). Francisco Martin’s new tune knows us and shows us at our worst, with the thoughts we’d normally try to hide. So, press play on “freak show” to experience all that we try to hide.

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