Veyah’s Relationships Were “Almost” There

Veyah Was "Almost" In Love



A pop/R&B song about what could have been.

18 year-old Veyah is an emerging Indian-American singer and songwriter. Though her career is in its blossoming stage, she’s already captured the attention of many other artists. Veyah first began performing song covers on TikTok. As a result, she started going viral and gaining thousands of fans. Through these viral videos, she found a mentor in popular artist and record producer, Jay Sean. She’s performed in places like Times Square and Madison Square Garden, exemplifying her stardom potential. Her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. The singer proclaims she wrote this new hit at a time when she was realizing who the people around her really were. Veyah’s latest hit, “Almost,” explains why she’s thankful for failed relationships. The song also has both an accompanying lyric video and karaoke video.

Veyah delivers on “Almost,” giving us a song we can rejoice and let go of afterwards, just like her relationships. Instead of reminiscing on the love that could’ve been, she is more than happy it didn’t work out. The song provides the perfect blend of pop and alternative R&B with vocals that are like heaven. A chorus with a soulful edge helps to establish how Veyah has decided to put herself first: she’s no longer falling back into that love trap. Lyrics like “I guess there’s some good in a goodbye” and “And I’m glad I saw your colors change for my sake” reassert she’s more than happy with the ending of the flame that never lit. When we think about all the things that could’ve gone right, we never think of what could’ve gone wrong. These mistakes made us the people we are today. “Almost” shows we’re better off on our own. So, stream Veyah’s “Almost” to remind yourself it wasn’t always meant to be.

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