Big Burna

Kid Ink & Wiz Khalifa

Do you know how long I’ve been waiting for this collaboration?

When it comes to smoking weed and rocking tattoos, Wiz Khalifa and Kid Ink are them boys! When I was in college, I legit looked up to these two cool-ass potheads. Years after their primes, Ink and Wiz decided to finally join forces for “Big Burna.”

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This is the exact kind of song that I want to hear out of Wiz Khalifa and Kid Ink. For starters, I feel like the production that they do their work over boasts the perfect vibes for weed lovers to indulge in. As for both Ink and Wiz, the former hits us with his signature sly melodic raps, slick flows, and weed-inspired lyrics, while the latter hits us with his signature aggressive deliveries and pimpadocios lyrics. By the time you are finished listening to this song, you will crown the two as the coolest rappers on the planet.

Give “Big Burna” by Kid Ink and Wiz Khalifa a shot below.