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Machine Gun Kelly Returns With “Taurus” Featuring Naomi Wild


Machine Gun Kelly (Ft. Naomi Wild)

Machine Gun Kelly fires from all cylinders in “Taurus.”

As of late, Machine Gun Kelly has been acting his ass off. While I wouldn’t say that any of the movies he’s been in are Oscar-worthy, they are at least more quality than all of Master P’s movies. Really soon, MGK will release his most important visuals to date: a semi-autobiographical film called Taurus. To get us hyped up for it, the Cleveland rapper decided to drop the lead song from the film’s soundtrack.

In “Taurus,” Machine Gun Kelly mainly talks about fighting demons. In my humble opinion, what makes the song a great listen is that it combines riveting/emotional rock vibes and hard-hitting raps. In other words, you get a chance to hear MGK dabble in the two genres he primarily f**ks with. As for featured guest Naomi Wild, she blesses the track with emotional vocals that you will definitely feel in your soul.

Listen to “Taurus” by Machine Gun Kelly and Naomi Wild.

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