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Chris de Sarandy Has A “Small Town Queen”

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Small Town Queen

Chris de Sarandy

A pop single made for repeating.

UK-based musical creative, Chris De Sarandy, is a rising singer and songwriter who loves pop music just as much as the next artist. His unique work, however, offers up “raspy, soulful” vocals and plenty of relatable lyrics. According to Sarandy, he wants to write “the kind of music people can relate to and feel where it was written from.” His discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. One of Chris de Sarandy’s recent drops is the pop single, “Small Town Queen.” The song also has an accompanying official lyric video.

A laidback guitar-driven backdrop makes everything romantic. “Small Town Queen” offers this dreamy landscape to set the scene for something sad. Yet, at the same time, it’s happy with the promise of something better. Lyrics like “You say you want a better life and that you don’t wanna waste no time in this dump” and “Heading for the city lights. Girl, I know you adore the sights. We can walk on the moon” reflects on small-town living and the possibility of leaving it all behind for new adventures. This refreshing and optimistic exploration has plenty of romantic moments. So, press play and listen to Chris De Sarandy declare his love for his “Small Town Queen.”

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