Forgot You Yesterday

Gianna Mae

A pop single that explores a toxic relationship.

Illinois-based musical creative, Gianna Mae, is a coming-of-age indie pop singer/songwriter who thoughtfully explores relatable experiences of young adulthood. As a “highly expressive extrovert,” the rising artist is making waves in the music industry. By using music as her primary outlet for her vast array of emotions, Mae hopes to break boundaries. Likewise, the artist wants every one of her listeners to “feel every drop of emotion she displays in her music.” Her music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of Gianna Mae’s recent drops is the pop single, “Forgot You Yesterday.”

An upbeat and contagious “Forgot You Yesterday” serves as a feel-good soundscape to complement its reflection on a toxic relationship. Lyrics like “I could feel the shadow hoverin’ over me, Like a ghost from the past” and “How long will I keep making the same old mistakes, It’s not your fault I thought you weren’t fake” intimately examine the heartbreak, anger, and pain that comes with betrayal. There’s no time limit on how long it will hurt, but time will heal all wounds eventually. A passion-filled delivery helps Mae gift us a relatable anti-romance pop tune that teens will want to listen to on repeat. So, press play on Gianna Mae’s “Forgot You Yesterday” to release your inner angst.