Kayden McCarthy’s Having “Lonely Nights”

Lonely Nights

Kayden McCarthy

A pop tune that examines nighttime contemplations.

Chicago-based musical creative, Kayden McCarthy, is a pop singer and songwriter who loves the warmth and promise of music. However, McCarthy’s style varies far from the messages they contain. She takes influence from other pop, pop rap, and electro-pop artists like Liam Payne, Justin Jesso, Conor Maynard, and The Chainsmokers. His unique style combines a “commercial mainstream pop sound with a grittier, lyrically-focused electronic influence.” Since his arrival on the music scene, McCarthy has gained plenty of notoriety for his work. As a result, his tunes have already reached close to 5 million streams. All of his music is available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. One of Kayden McCarthy’s recent drops is the pop single, “Lonely Nights.” The song is also available as a video.

Melodic instrumentals set the type of midnight tone suiting to a restless contemplation about life. “Lonely Nights” does not allow us to think about anything other than the words we’re given. Lyrics like “It’s getting kinda late, kinda late, Most of us just gotta find a way” and “We live on to fight another day, another day, so get me home tonight, Probably gonna be a lonely night” reminisce on the thoughts that plague our minds when the sun goes down. At the same time, they force us to consider our position in life and try to help us remember the good parts. However, it’s often without success. Despite that, there’s a comforting sense in this pop fusion that is perfect for any nocturnal music lover. So, press play on Kayden McCarthy and chill out on your “Lonely Nights.”

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