Young Dolph sounds unguardable in his first posthumous album.




5. Beep Beep (Ft. 2 Chainz)

You can’t tell Young Dolph and 2 Chainz s**t; that’s why “Beep Beep” works.

“Beep Beep” might be the slickest track I’ve ever heard. Based on the laidback styles of rapping that Young Dolph and 2 Chainz rely on in the song, I have to assume that they wrote their verses while getting deep tissue massages. Based on their lyrical content, I have to assume that they keep their circles small, that they enjoy Robitussin, that they don’t care for boring hoes, and that they don’t f**k with 6ix9ine.



4. Old Ways

Wanna know what Young Dolph was all about? Press play on “Old Ways.”

Young Dolph’s unorthodox style of rapping really pokes out in “Old Ways.” Over production that gives me old-school mob vibes, he uses this cocky and sometimes boisterous style of spitting to let the world know that he works hard only for his kids, that he misses being in the trap, and that he is living like the Huxtables. What I like about the song is that it has this cold, almost carefree tone to it that lets us know that Dolph was the ultimate self-made boss.

3. Thats How

Young Dolph and Key Glock are dismissive of scandalous b*tches in “Thats How.”

“Thats How” is so gangsta, they forgot to add an apostrophe to the title. It doesn’t matter though, once you hear the song’s violin-driven production that might make you think The Watcher is around the corner, you will be hooked. If that doesn’t get to you, their blunt raps about cutting off worn-out chicks and messy-ass dudes will. Overall, I think this is one of those tracks that are so damn cool for school.



2. Get Away

“Get Away” definitely feels like Dolph’s personal manifesto.

In “Get Away,” Dolph raps about his frustrations with making music, his laidback approach to life, and his despise for fame. While you get production on the song that hits pretty damn hard, the youthful sample that you hear sprinkled throughout and Dolph’s unapologetic approach to his verses both defy that s**t. All in all, “Get Away” is an unapologetic banger that will strike a chord with anyone that likes to keep it a stack at all times.



1. Love For The Streets

Young Dolph tells us his own romantic hood story in “Love For The Streets.”

You get hood Christmas vibes in “Love For The Streets.” Over this glimmery trap beat that would make you want to put lean-colored ornaments on a tree, Young Dolph boisterously lets us know why his unique appetite, heartbreak ways, and trill mindset make him the streetest of them all. What I love about the song is how catchy, nonchalant, and steady it sounds.


1. Love For The Streets (4.5/5)

2. Blind Fold (4/5)

3. Woah (4/5)

4. Uh Uh (4/5)

5. Thats How (4/5)

6. Old Ways (4/5)

7. Roster (Ft. Gucci Mane) (4/5)

8. Smoke My Weed (3.5/5)

9. Always (3.5/5)

10 Beep Beep (Ft. 2 Chainz) (4/5)

11. Hall Of Fame (4/5)

12. Infatuated With Drugs (4/5)

13. Get Away (4.5/5)




Not enough people got a chance to give Young Dolph his flowers while he was still alive. In my opinion, he had one of the most riveting styles of rapping. The way Dolph told stories was truly one-of-a-kind. In Paper Route Frank, for thirteen tracks, the Memphis native sounds admirably confident and refreshingly unapologetic.

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3 thoughts on “Young Dolph – Paper Route Frank (Album Review)

  1. Rest in Peace to the best rapper with the best bumping tracks I’ve ever heard. Still listening everyday and got your Dolphin as wall paper on my phone. Bless your family’s future. From a big fan of yours and fan of rap since the 80’s. 48yr old white boy from Minnesota. Lived in CA in 80’s.

  2. Long live flipper 🐬🐬🐬 And to just be honest too me he really was the King of Memphis. That’s No Doubt!! Real in life and in his raps you got the raw honest truth. He was just real and the tracks on this album proves his strength in the game he will be missed.

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