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The Eska Drops Tasty Bars In “Cinnamon Roll”

Cinnamon Roll

The Eska

Seriously, how can you not like a song called cinnamon rolls?

The Eska is a “multilingual, multicultural independent artist with a genre-bending style and seemingly boundless creative energy.” If you’ve followed his career from the start, you know that he has dabbled in genres such as indie-pop, hip-hop, reggaeton, pop, and R&B. All in all, The Eska is truly someone that doesn’t see borders as an artist. His full catalog is available on streaming platforms such as Apple, Spotify, and more. The Eska’s latest single is the short but sweet “Cinnamon Roll.”

In “Cinnamon Roll,” The Eska talks about being a motivational figure that is appreciative of all the people around him. He also talks about being thankful for the fans that he has. The first thing that will catch your attention about the song is the instrumentation. It boasts soothing and infectious vibes that will certainly calm your nerves. The song also features a very catchy hook and a rap style that effectively straddles the line between gritty and uplifting. All in all, I think anyone with a healthy appetite for good music will enjoy this savory track.

Give “Cinnamon Roll” by The Eska a shot below.


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