Dee Holt Loves The "Sober" Life


Dee Holt

A trippy pop track about losing someone to bad influences.

Montreal, Quebec native, Dee Holt, was destined to be a star. She grew up in a household filled with creativity. It was inevitable she’d find a path in music and the arts with a musical father and mother who paints. Performing was something she was used to doing, as she’d regularly sing at home and during family gatherings. It was only after she had performed in front of her boyfriend’s family did she take singing and becoming an artist seriously. Teaming up with local producer, Benjamin Nadeau, they worked to make music that pushed her out of her comfort zone. Dee’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. “Sober” is Dee Holt’s newest pop single where she doesn’t let up on the boundaries she’s set. The song also has an accompanying animated video.

Does anybody remember a song like this by Evanescence? “Sober” has a beautiful mix of drums, synths, and a dismal cello that makes you feel like you’ve entered a similar circus. Holt uses her voice as an instrument with backing vocals that are delicate and airy. Lyrically, she makes it very clear that she’s not ready to deal with anyone who’s under the influence. Holt tells a tale of the lengths people will go to not be alone; they allow themselves to consume drugs or alcohol to fit in with others who don’t care for them. It can be exhausting even to witness someone go through that. Holt would rather keep her distance. Only when they’re better and no longer in that dark hole will she allow them back into her life. So, stream Dee Holt’s “Sober” for a song that gets deep without leaving you in tears.