dee holt Made A Mistake When She "fell in love"

fell in love

Dee Holt

A pop track about a young broken heart. 

Montreal artist, Dee Holt, is a singer and songwriter that should be on everyone’s playlists. From a young age, singing was something that came naturally to her. Performing in front of family and friends led her to pursue music as an artist. Holt is making herself known with stirring pop tracks full of hard-hitting emotions. Aside from making music, creating art is also a passion of hers. On TikTok, Holt shares some of her artwork and exclusive song covers. By combining her musical and artistic skills, she also creates special prints that go along with her songs. Some of Holt’s previous releases include “Sober,” “Picture,” and “Dishes.” Her work is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. dee holt’s latest hit, “fell in love,” is a part of her new EP i’ll be there. The song also has an accompanying music video.

Similar to the song’s title, you too will fall in love with holt’s eerie, yet soothing vocals. In this luscious track, she talks about the love she experienced at a young age and its eventual demise. She tries her best to call back to it and figure out where everything went wrong; however, her young love might have just been meant to break apart. With her unequivocal storytelling, Holt captures the crushing feeling that comes with having your heartbroken as a youth. Your first love is something you’ll never forget, as the song intends. So, stream dee holt’s new single to remind yourself what it was like to be young when you “fell in love.”

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