Make Believe

The Lovelines

An alternative tune that explores an imperfect love.

Orlando, Florida and Berlin, Germany-based music team, The Lovelines, are a brother and sister duo who reside in very different areas. Despite their distance, though, the twosome enjoys creating new work together and have made music a priority. The Lovelines take inspiration from a variety of genres, including (But not limited to), bedroom/dream pop, lo-fi, and jazz. In December 2021, they released their debut single, “Strange Kind of Love,” which established their distinctive sound. Afterward, this debut hit and their following pieces became available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. The Lovelines’ latest drop is the alternative single, “Make Believe.”

When we say nostalgia, we mean songs like this. “Make Believe” may be about love, but it reflects upon the loves of older times. There’s a feeling of keeping something from your spouse while trying to make things seem like they’re perfect otherwise. Lyrics like “Well, I don’t like the truth / So darlin’, tell me lies / We’ll play make-believe, yeah / Believe in all our lies” and “So, can I waste your time? Singin’ you lullabies? You can sing along, yeah / Along with all my lies” reflect on the falsehoods we tell ourselves when trying to hold on to a dying relationship. The ship is going down, and sadly, so are the people in it. It is, for all intents and purposes, such an imperfect love that things will always go wrong. So, press play below to let yourself pretend things still work with “Make Believe.”

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