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Will 2023 be Bas’ year?

At this point, Bas is a veteran in the game. Unfortunately/fortunately, veterans don’t release music just to release it; they take their time and make sure what they release lives up to their standards; I believe that’s the reason the New York native hasn’t dropped a full-fledged album since 2018. Today, Bas decided to drop a brand new single called “Diamonds.” To me, the song falls in line with the experimental music he was making before he took a break from the industry.

I prefer to hear Bas rap, but I do like it when he experiments with singing as he does in this track. “Diamonds” has this dreamy sound that will definitely have you wanting to rest your eyes. Over it, Bas blesses us with these hazy vocals that help his lyrics about living out his dreams illuminate in the most hypnotizing way possible. After listening to this song only one time, it will get stuck in your head.

Give “Diamonds” by Bas a shot below.

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