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Konshens, Trackstarr & IzyBeatz

This song’s vibes are impeccable!

Konshens is an absolute legend. If you’ve been to a nightclub in your life, I’m pretty sure you’ve heard his megahit “Bruk Off Yuh Back.” He’s also released other critically acclaimed tracks like “Gal A Bubble” and “Hard Drive.” Konshen’s latest release is the very intoxicating “DESERVE IT ALL” with Trackstarr and IzyBeatz.

“DESERVE IT ALL” is powered by this vibrant instrumental that will make women want to move their hips. Over it, Konshens puts up an outstanding performance. Not only does he bless us with an exhilarating hook that will make you feel great inside, but he also hits us with exhilarating deliveries and motivational lyrics that will make you wear the crown on your head proudly and tightly. All in all, “DESERVE IT ALL” is the kind of track that I think will turn clubs upside down.

Give “DESERVE IT ALL” a shot below.

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