A hard-hitting metal single with a seriously dark reflection.

Sweden-based musical group, Ascend, is an alternative metal band that crafts mind-blowing tunes that you definitely won’t want to miss. With plenty of passion for their work, the band offers its listeners a unique experience unlike any other. The group is made up of Daniel Gustafsson (singer, songwriter, and guitarist), Emil Karlsson (guitarist), Olle Carlson (bass player), and Edvard Liljeqvist (drummer). Their debut single, “Haunted House,” was created and produced by Daniel Gustafsson. Ascend’s latest drop is the metal single “Mourn The Living.”

“Mourn The Living” offers up a hard-hitting soundscape to complement its emotional reflection. Lyrics like “Mourn the living / Those who still are forced to stay / In a world of shame” and “You’re worthless, don’t think else / There is nothing special with you / Your lifestyle doesn’t matter / You still shall meet with death” darkly examine the deeper meaning of life and death. With its charged-up blend of beats and somber exploration, Ascend gifts us with a compelling metal track to stimulate our senses and leave us hungry for more. So, press play and get ready to “Mourn The Living.”

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