Normal Again

Mia Baron

An alt-pop gem that explores emotional struggles.

Toronto, Canada-based musical creative, Mia Baron, is an alternative pop singer and songwriter. Mia loves writing and recording songs that relate to different age groups. Some of the 15-year-old singer’s previous work includes tracks like “Rebel Without a Cause,” “Caught,” and “Miss Emotionless.” These songs, and the rest of her discography, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. Mia Baron’s latest drop is the pop single “Normal Again.” The song also has an accompanying lyric video.

A moody alt-pop beat makes up the backdrop for this emotional mental health exploration. “Normal Again” talks about the dark sides of our thoughts and the parts of life that bring us down. At the same time, it represents a search for something better. Lyrics like “I keep lying through my teeth / I’m not even fooling me / Think I need a breather / Cuz I’m running out of reasons / Why I’m still fine” and “Is this really my life / I can’t tell the difference” vulnerably reflect on the anxieties and fears that plague us all. We’re left looking for sunshine in the shadows, and we’re having trouble finding reasons to keep going. Baron gifts us a powerful pop tune that thoughtfully examines mental health issues. So, press play below to rediscover your confidence so you can feel “Normal Again.”

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