Under the Covers

David Green

A pop track about the magic of a potential romance.

Los Angeles-based musical creative, David Green, is an electro-pop artist who is relatively new to the music scene. Since 2018, the singer and songwriter has been hard at work perfecting his craft and releasing a variety of new singles; these include tracks like “Something,” “Race,” “Close Again,” and “Pyrite.” Green’s signature style offers a mixture of “undeniable passion & next-level talent, insightful lyricism & songwriting designed with universally appealing hooks.” With big plans for 2023 unrevealed, we’re left waiting for his next move. What could it be? We aren’t sure, but we’re excited. David’s discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest drop is the pop single “Under the Covers.”

“Under the Covers” is sensual and touching, promising things that will make every listener swoon. Lyrics like “Bodies move around the room / But all I see is you / The chemistry begins to brew / I’m waiting for my cue” and “Can we get lost in the moment / Like the whole world just was frozen” beautifully capture the passion of being under the sheets with a special someone. Green has blessed us with the perfect pop single to get you in the mood for one unforgettable night. So, press play below to discover the magic hiding “Under the Covers.”