Go Big or Go Home


An alternative rock tune that reimagines Uncut Gems.

Washington, DC-based musical creative, Nicknames, is also known as Max Strite. Strite is a producer, vocalist, and DJ. Some of his previous tunes include tracks like “Hope You Know,” “Fractals,” and “Abduction 2021.” These songs, and more, are available on Spotify, YouTube, and Apple Music. According to the artist, his new song was inspired by the film Uncut Gems and is “from the perspective of Adam Sandler’s character, Howie.” Nicknames’ latest drop is the pop single “Go Big or Go Home.”

Pounding drums and infectious guitar riffs bring us back to the early 2010s. “Go Big or Go Home” creates an upbeat pop-rock soundscape to complement its reimagining of Uncut Gems. There’s something thrilling about the fact that you might lose it all, but at the same time, you’re taking the risk of getting even more back. Lyrics like “I’m feeling lucky today, you know imma lay it all down / It’s always double or nothing, nah, nah I don’t play around” and “They say gamblers always lose / But I’ll walk out with a stack” tell the story of a man whose willing to risk it all. It’s an addiction that the artist just cannot kick — the rush of success is too good to give up. With its cinematic visuals and electrifying elements, “Go Big Or Go Home” gives new life to the 2019 crime thriller.

Press play below to prepare yourself to “Go Big or Go Home.”

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