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Heaven or Hell

Chris James

A pop tune that explores the impact of real love.

Chris James is a German-American singer, songwriter, and producer. With a long-standing passion for music, James writes, produces, and mixes his own work. James has plenty of notable career achievements. He co-wrote BTS’ Billboard Hot 100 #1 single “Life Goes On” and saw his single “Not Angry” go viral in China and Vietnam. Via his music, the artist focuses on showcasing “positivity and fun through his upbeat lyrics and melodies.” Chris’ discography is available on Spotify, YouTube, and SoundCloud. His latest drop is the pop single “Heaven or Hell.”

“Heaven or Hell” is romantic and upbeat enough to get anyone dancing along as they listen in. At the same time, it’s adorably romantic. Lyrics like “Now, I cannot quite remember what it’s like being alone / And I can’t picture life without you, will I die if you let go?” and “Can’t believe we made it easy, couldn’t feel like this with anyone else” explores the deep impact that someone special can have on a relationship. There’s an infectious melody and no shortage of heartfelt declarations involved, along with a love for music that comes through on James’s side. So, press play below to let the promises of “Heaven or Hell” warm your heart.

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